Mission Improving Education

‪#‎CPAC‬ team had visited bengaluru to witness
1. ‘bio toilets under construction’in govt schools taken up as socio charity projects by Rotary Club.

2. Also witnessed on site in another govt school,english language learning/teaching software tool introduced thro’ a ngo called Whitefield Rising and dvlpd by a company styled Chipper Sage Pvt. ltd

We thro CPAC are contemplating to do similar projects in a slum area of chittoor.
We need wishes and heartfelt cooperation from you all.

Rotary Club has come forward to coordinate with CPAC and is in the process of identifying some schools.

CPAC team observing the demo session of Language tool by ChipperSage tool at Government School, Ramagunahalli , Bengaluru


CPAC team witnessing Biotoilet construction by Rotary Club at Government School, Gungur Playa, Bengaluru

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