Why Ullas by CPAC?

Chittoor People’s Action Committee (CPAC) is started with only objective i.e., Chittoor neighbourhood development, by becoming a catalyst in accelerating the development activities, a solution provider, problem solving platform by bringing all civic activists together, act as a consultant by bringing the experts of various sectors on to the platform, act like a reviewer for the new projects, provide advice to the government bodies on the local issues, making Chittoor city smarter. In simple CPAC is about Chittoor region development in every possible sector including, and it is not limited to agriculture, horticulture, industries, infrastructure, Health, safety, education, job creations, startup encouragements, incubation & mentoring for startups, environment, ease access of government services to public, etc.

Though CPAC is still in infant stage with its limited number of volunteers and with hardly any resources, it has created considerable impact. So far CPAC has organized two public events, one is public activity on demand for Chittoor Urban Development Authority (CUDA) and other “Smart Chittoor for Smart Generation” with the launch of Smart City App for Chittoor. Apart from that CPAC tried to identify all pending projects in and around Chittoor. CMC hospital near Gudipala is identified as one of the long pending or slow phase running project. CPAC made a visit to CMC and met CMC management to understand the real challenge by CMC. A white paper on CMC hospital progress in Chittoor is made and published.

Continuing CPAC efforts for better Chittoor, CPAC has announced CPAC-GURU program to guide the students and young graduates in their career. Other program in line with this, a call is made for interns by giving opportunities (with assured guidance) in developing tools that will be useful in solving our local issues. One more call was made for resource persons, for Chittoor Municipal Corporation. This resource persons will get involved in many of the corporation activities including field inspections, training on solid waste management, etc. Unfortunately zero people responded positively. A root cause analysis was done on why nobody turned out for these three calls. We have identified that the following reasons, 1) less voluntary base 2) our messages are not reaching to many people (outside CPAC) 3) Owing to less turnout during our events is leading to lack of recognition by public/government/media to our proposals 4) All the past activities are not understandable by common people.

At the same time, we looked at various civic activist groups, which are very old. Their state is also not different from us and they also has similar challenges.

Without our voice being reached to majority, no government official or public representative is ready to listen to our suggestions.

When we were thinking of breaking this challenge, one of our core volunteers came with idea of socio-cultural event to bring local talent in Chittoor region on to the stage and do some event. The idea has potential to attract many people, which will help us in reaching to wider area and different sections of people. There is huge possibility of increasing the CPAC volunteer base. Moreover we need artists who can convert our solutions/ideas into public understandable language in the form of pictures, videos, etc.

This has resulted CPAC in taking initiative of the program “Ullas-The Celebration”.

Already people has started working. Now the other parallel task is identifying the themes for the participants in various sections and also giving few concepts, which could eventually address some of our local issues.

Ex: How to do First aid and what a first responder does in case of emergency, Citizen participation in policy making, etc.,– presenting in the form of dance or mime or any cultural art in given time and in understandable form to even a layman.

Now the ball is at your hand, take the responsibility and propose your ideas for better Chittoor.

More details on Ullas is available at ఉల్లాస్ “Ullas-The Celebration” by CPAC – a Socio-cultural event.